Choosing an E-Commerce Fulfillment Solution: Independent 3PL vs Amazon MCF 

E-commerce business owners can increase their operational efficiency by outsourcing their fulfillment process. Many opt for an independent 3PL company or utilize Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF). Most 3PLs, along with Amazon MCF, offer fulfillment services for e-commerce sellers on different marketplaces and e-commerce channels, such as Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce.  

While Amazon is known for its convenience, there are 3 main drawbacks to using Amazon MCF: 

  1. Amazon-branded packaging 
    Amazon fulfillment comes with Amazon-branded packaging and packing slips. Often, this confuses customers who thought they purchased directly from a brand, wondering why they’re receiving an Amazon package instead. The uniqueness of your own brand can be diminished by Amazon packaging. If you choose to use non-branded packaging, you’ll have to pay extra fees.  
  2. Expensive fees 
    On that note, Amazon MCF fees are expensive relative to other options. When outsourcing to an independent 3PL that offers exclusive shipping rates and perhaps even larger discounts for larger order volumes, you can have more cost-effective fulfillment. Independent 3PLs are often customizable to achieve your business goals. As both a pro and con, Amazon MCF rates are simple, calculated, and non-negotiable. 
  3. Delays & lack of customer support 
    Many Shopify store owners using Amazon MCF share their disappointment in the lack of Amazon customer support when issues arise. Sellers have noticed that Amazon prioritizes FBA orders over MCF, resulting in slower fulfillment times, canceled orders, and dissatisfied customersAt an independent 3PL with dedicated account managers, your orders are valuable, and someone is there to troubleshoot issues with and for you. 

E-commerce store owners should consider all these factors when choosing to outsource fulfillment. Improving operational efficiency shouldn’t come at the expense of a positive customer experience. At CTK USA, we’re an independent 3PL that values your experience as our client as much as your customer’s experience through the fulfillment process. If your e-commerce store meets a monthly minimum order of 250, get in touch with us today if you’re looking to outsource or transition your fulfillment operations! 

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